We are Canadian Catholics responding to the call of Palestinian Christians as articulated in the Kairos Palestine Document for justice for all in the Holy Land. 


We aim to equip, educate and empower Catholics to engage in issues of justice and solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis as they strive for a just peace.

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  • We strive to be people of the Beatitudes, grounded in the gospel teachings of peace, justice and non-violence.

  • We embrace a sense of responsibility towards the Holy Land, knowing that Western prejudice has fueled the flames of discord and suffering there.

  • We work for racial justice at home, in the Holy Land, and throughout the world.

  • We believe in the importance of decolonization, recognizing both the work that needs to be done with indigenous peoples in Canada as well as the work to be done in the Holy Land.

  • We recognize that the conversation must be shaped from the grassroots, including active listening on the part of Canadian Catholics before speaking or acting.

  • We ground ourselves in the fundamental principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

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We seek to: 

  • amplify the voices of Palestinians, lost in an oppressive narrative that either erases them or paints them as terrorists within their own lands.

  • reach out to Catholic youth to help them understand the call to solidarity with the people of the Holy Land and our collective responsibility to work for justice.

  • provide opportunities for authentic pilgrimage which will take the pilgrim beyond site-seeing to life changing encounters with the people of the Holy Land - the 'living stones'.

  • connect all Catholics with resources that will help them understand the history and present-day reality of the Holy Land.

  • strengthen relationships with Catholic leadership and organizations so that they may better speak out for justice.