Two Great Short Movies from the Holy Land

Updated: Apr 11

Currently playing on Netflix, "The Present" is a beautifully crafted short film (less than 30 minutes) that captures a Palestinian father and daughter who must negotiate the checkpoints and challenges of the occupation to find an anniversary gift. Thanks to Angie Seth of CTV for interviewing Palestinian filmmaker Farah Nabulsi on her 2021 Oscar-nominated and BAFTA-nominated film. It takes courage to stand up to pressures to silence Palestinian artists and activists. If you want to send CTV

a letter of thanks you can do so here.

Over on Vimeo, "The Objector" is a documentary about a young Israeli woman who refuses to do her required military service and spends 110 days in prison. In her words, "The film shows that every one of us can choose not to take part in forces of oppression. It shows that we have the power to act in a non-violent way to stop the cruelty and the violence of the occupation, while sending out a message of hope for peace and equality."

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